it’s here

When I was pregnant with Arthur, I was terrified after having our 18-week ultrasound.  I wanted so badly to know if Arthur was going to be okay, that our little family was going to be fine. 

Everyday that I am able to hold and kiss and drink in Arthur’s smell, I silently pray thanks to God for allowing my little boy to have safely arrived.  And all those many months ago, when I desperately wanted it to be Arthur’s birthday so I could meet my second sweet son and be proven to that all was okay, I fantasized about what I had hoped for him: a group of visiting friends and family at the hospital to greet him after his birth, a big brother introduction, a sweet homecoming, a first walk in the stroller, his Baptism, a first Halloween costume.  But I also imagined whose name I would put upon this–would it be a boy’s or a girl’s–and would everything be okay?


And apart from a little cold, all is well here with the littlest one, and Ian, too.  We’ve got our hands full and the blog has suffered, but I’m OK with it.  Hopefully I can muster up enough energy to come back here before several months have gone by, again.

3 thoughts on “it’s here

  1. I could write a book in response to this post. I look at Luke now and wonder how I was ever scared or worried about him before he was born. He is perfect…for our family, as a brother, a son…as himself. It seems silly to say but it’s so true, how everything works out for a reason. Also, we have the same stockings. Love them!

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