behind my ramblings

So far, 2011 has been a fine ride.  In fact, it feels pretty much like 2010.  The trend of feeling behind has continued.

Behind in work.

Behind in chores.

Behind in upkeep with physical appearance.  Although, I am now exercising and (gasp!) enjoying it?

Behind with stuff.

I forever make lists and I don’t even want to remember what’s on them since I know I can’t cross anything off.  When did life get so complex? Ah, I think it was August 2008 and again in July 2010.  Life changing events, ones that cannot be topped, ever.  I’m falling in love deeper and deeper with my rascals.  We are having lots of laughs (smiles) and fun…so it makes feeling behind worth it.  But still, the stress remains to be organized! On top of things! On time!

I can’t believe the baby is 6 months already! It feels like forever ago that I was sitting in my mint green robe in the hospital loving on my newborn, drowning him in kisses, trying to feel out the situation between Ian and what he must be thinking and if he would feel upset that there was a fourth member to our family now.  If he was upset, it’s not apparent today as it’s the first thing he asks about when Arthur is not in sight.  Where is he? Go get him! Maybe I can get my act together and actually finish his birth story! Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate! 

We are still trying to solve the mystery of “does not want to sleep through the night beyond 3 hours, sometimes 2 and rarely, 4”.  Ian slept through the night starting at 8 weeks.  I’m not a cry it out advocate, so please tell me something else to do besides rocking, baths, books, songs, and solid feedings right before bed as well as binkies and thumbs (and boobs!).  I just feel like it’s going to happen when he’s ready (or maybe I’m being silly; he is a baby, after all!).  I would just like insight as to when that will be…  When the kiddos are sleeping is when I refuel on sanity, energy, and me-time (perhaps this is why chores and general “stuff” fall BEHIND).  But I prefer sanity to clean floors.  Shoot me.  So when I feel that we have completed and wrapped up another day, cue the sweet cries, the upside down smile and you have Arthur’s current emotion every few hours.  After a nursing, he’s good to go, and sometimes he just needs a good snuggle and replacement of the binky, but usually it’s the boob that soothes.  But it doesn’t do much for longevity of sleep.  Tomorrow is his check-up, so hopefully we get some tips and not a talking to since I was told he really shouldn’t be having feedings during the night…oops.  And he is a big boy, wearing 12-month clothes, easily.  Since I want to eat him for dinner every night, it makes stumbling into his room several times through the silent night and early morning, bearable and dare I say it, peaceful (once I help Arthur stop crying, that is!).

So, it looks like I’m going to be a single mama again while Bub studies to retake his exam.  During these winter months, I need some change.  At least we have a few places in our back pocket for play like the clean bouncy house venue and assorted areas where you can test drive toys and not necessarily have to buy anything. 

We are longing for the beach and sun.  I yearn for a long walk with the double stroller.  We can, I think, finally take off the car seat adapter to ours to make for easier transporting.  I want to work up a good sweat and feel the sun on my back.  I know Ian is ready for warm weather, too.  He wants us to talk about the beach at least once per day.  If I’m going to psych myself up to wear something resembling a swimsuit not meant for a grandmother, I’m going to have to continue with alot more than level 1 of 30 Day Shred, but at least it’s a start!


5 thoughts on “behind my ramblings

  1. Well my thoughts on sleeping through the night is that it will happen when Arthur is ready. At least that was my experience. And I totally get how you’re feeling – it is why I had to cut back on my work week because I was just a frazzled mess and behind on everything. I HOPE it will end for you soon. We found darkening curtains and white noise helped.

    And feedings through the night? Well my guess is that to Arthur it isn’t about nutrition and more about soothing. In which case I doubt it could really classify as a feeding. Nursing is so much more than just feeding and I think a lot of doctors forget that!

  2. I agree, he’ll do it when he’s ready. I consider O to be sleeping through the night now at 6.5 months. He wakes once, usually between 4-5 and then I bring him to bed with us to nurse/sleep. We can usually stretch him till 7 then.

    We did do a modified Ferber method with him, never letting him cry more than 20 mins. I hated it, but I guess it did work. Not saying you should do it, just saying we did. He has progressively gone longer and longer, so I figure at some point he’ll just wake up around 7. I hope :)

    He still won’t nap anywhere but next to me, though. So there’s that haha.

  3. I admit I’m a huge softy about getting up with Luke in the middle of the night. Aaron teases me because I was much more intense about sleep with Jack.

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