it’s happening. even though it’s not being recorded on here.

for the record, i believe mangoes are Arthur’s favorite fruit.  we arise just one time each night to soothe and/or feed the little babe, and then we finish out our sleep to awake to smiles similar to the above.  i’ve witnessed him “rocking” on hind legs and semi-scooting, belly-down backwards, but Arthur is most absorbed with pulling himself up whether he uses us as his climbing wall or the crib railing.  he will be nine months old in just under a week.  eek! and forget cartoons, he is content watching his brother all day, every day, cracking up at anything he says or does, including the tantrum or shriek when he doesn’t see to it that something goes his way.

Ian is doing an amazing job with the potty.  he is wearing underwear (we shall never call them “undies” in front of him or you will get corrected!) i was overwhelmed with what to “do” and wanted to concentrate on the training all at once and then enforce what he learned each day.  thanks to a good book and lots of patience (not just mine, but also his), he still has an accident here and there, but the sense of pride in knowing that he can do this on his own is special for him and for us.  after all, it’s only been about three weeks…

playing in the sand is his favorite thing to do these days.  most likely because he missed it all winter.  it was the main activity for him at the playground this weekend.  he slid down a few slides and whatnot, but he always returned to the park’s trucks and sand toys, sitting atop the mounds and keeping vigilant over his favorite toys there.  yesterday was Arthur’s first experience in our sandbox.  lest we not forget the sandbox incident of 2010, shortly after Arthur’s birth when i sat calmly sipping my decaf coffee in the sun, bouncer at my feet, outside, while we watched on as Ian played to his heart’s content with the big container of sandy beach toys that double as sandbox fun for home.  i breathed in the day when, in a split second, it all changed: Ian was spraying sand all over his new baby brother.  the bath i had just given Arthur, voided.  a silent curse and a bite of the lip.  and then a stern “no” would begin the disciplining of a then-toddler to his new sibling.  yesterday was a bit of a repeat.  this time, Arthur sat proudly in the sandbox with one of the few toys Ian was willing to part with for the moment, and then came the “raking” which yielded not only with sand in Ian’s hair, but all over Arthur’s head.  And this time, there was no silent curse or bite of the lip.  The “no” was still firm, but my laughs followed and we all headed up to take baths before dinner.  well, a bath for Arthur, and a shower for Ian.  his new activity.  we call it a car wash.  long story.

i wish i was better with taking pictures.  our digital camera seems to take the picture too slowly so i always resort to my phone.  i had to copy and paste these from FB because they weren’t uploading for some reason, hence the microscopic quality, but you get the picture, er, point:


2 thoughts on “life

  1. I’m so glad to hear my big boy isn’t the only one working on sharing and playing nicely with his little brother! :) Also, love the jammies Aruther is wearing! So wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of the country. I know our boys would have a blast together.

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