early morning birthday thoughts

i’m not sure why i’m actually up at this hour.  as referenced below, Arthur made our daily early-morning (read: 3am) nursing date.  Bub tried to soothe him and even changed his diaper which he said really didn’t need changing.  but that was not enough, Arthur needed a drink.  so instead of dragging my body back to bed to soak up a couple more hours of sleep, my mind was all like: you were not productive enough at work yesterday and because you are taking a 1/2 day today, get your butt downstairs and do some work.  instead, i sit here, on the sofa, figuring out if i should work or do last night’s dishes/prep for leaving the house because in all my laziness last night, we had to finish watching Mildred Pierce, and i think, wouldn’t it be good to post again so soon on the blog that readers shall not comment on a) because i write non-captivating yadda yadda posts and b) i’ve let this thing go so far to the way-side, people forget that i’ve been blogging since 2005?

and wasn’t the reason why i was not dragging myself back to bed so i could work, not dilly-dally online? and i remind myself that it is my birthday, after all, and shouldn’t i do as i please, especially when it’s almost 4am and everyone will wake up soon looking for me to dress them, remind them to use the potty, looking for milky, looking to nurse, looking, looking, looking.

i have a nice 1/2 day at work planned.  nothing special for my non-working 1/2 day except i always manage to get my toes done as a nice little pampering tradition and something i hardly ever do anymore now that i have the kiddos.  i just can’t justify getting away long enough to go and i’m the one that has to overpay for it significantly, to go to an actual spa as opposed to the in-and-out so-so places that you may as well skip since, well, they skip hygiene as a rule (gross).

so, some more of my pics decided to come through that i could not post yesterday.  and here they are (and happy birthday, all my fellow 4/13-ers!)


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