31 things about me…

since i just, uh, turned…31! i’ll try to keep it as non-boring as possible.  apologies for the weak beginning, starting with:

  1. i’ve never colored my hair.  i’m not sure what i will do when i go strong in the gray department (or white), but for now, i’m a brunette without any desires to be a blonde, a red-head, a black-haired beauty…
  2. i’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  and i enjoy the satisfaction of telling someone “i told you so.”
  3. i majored in English in college which should mean i know how to do things like read and write–well.  but then you see that i am not using caps here, for the most part, and you scratch your head in wonderment.
  4. one of my dreams is to live abroad with my family.  i’m not sure we’ll do it.  with young kids, the last thing i desire is to uproot the life we’ve made, but you never know.
  5. i like the taste of coffee so much, i don’t dislike decaf.  i think it’s the fact that i’m drinking coffee that makes me feel like decaf or not, it’s still…coffee, so it must be working its *magic* somehow.
  6. i’m the biggest procrastinator OR i’m a compulsive do it all now-er…there is nothing in between.
  7. i’ve tried to like running, but i just don’t!
  8. i was in marching band (color guard) for eight glorious years and met some of the best people doing it
  9. i love being the mother of boys.  they get dirty and know how to have fun.  what’s not to like?
  10. i enjoy baking.  i’ve thought about it as a career.  unfortunately, ian is allergic to eggs which limits what i will bake or else you imagine how to tell a two and a half year old how they can’t eat something that smells and tastes delicious, but excuse you while YOU eat it?!
  11. i am a HUGE lady gaga fan.  my first time seeing her i was fifteen DAYS away from giving birth to Arthur.
  12. i love planning: vacations, weekends, playdates, dinner (OK, dinner gets boring fast, but i like when i know what i’m going to cook and making sure i have the recipe and ingredients at the ready).
  13. i feel accomplished if i can get the boys out of the house and off to do at least one thing per morning.  this is apart from my corporate job days, but if we can say we set up the porch, went to the playground or the grocery store, i feel successful.  if we stay put, i feel like we haven’t been productive which rolls right back into the procrastination personality.  see #6.
  14. i’m a homebody.  i grew up twenty minutes from where i live, and i went to college in my homestate.  i did think i would end up in NYC one day.  the verdict is still out on whether i’ll regret that one or not…looking at my family and home, i’m thinking not.
  15. another dream is to start my own business, but nothing has come of it…yet.  ideas being tossed around have included: bookstore, bar, bakery…a “b” theme, for sure!
  16. spring and fall are favorite seasons, but we got married in the summer and had summer babies, so summer is clearly the winner.  and winter is out.
  17. i was born without a middle name.  my middle name now is legally my maiden name.
  18. i sucked my thumb for a very long time.  hence the braces and headgear.
  19. favorite color: blue
  20. favorite food: any type of pasta (so i have a blue car and we’re eating pasta tonight!)
  21. i want to buy my retirement/vacation home in Eze, France.
  22. i don’t mind doing laundry apart from the folding/putting away part of the process.
  23. my favorite book is Jane Eyre.
  24. on the first night i met Bub, i followed him home to use his bathroom.
  25. the anniversary of our first date is the summer solstice and this year will mark its tenth anniversary; we will have been married for five years.
  26. i cried when i found my wedding dress.
  27. we went to Italy for two weeks on our honeymoon.  we are discussing how to get back there with the boys.
  28. i was 41 weeks with both boys’ pregnancies and had to be induced both times. 
  29. being a mother is the most rewarding thing i have ever done and i am honored to be their mother.
  30. i believe God has a plan for everyone.
  31. i am afraid of death.

2 thoughts on “31 things about me…

  1. I sucked my thumb until I was 11!! I wanted to change mt maiden name to my middle name but Rob wasn’t a fan of the idea so I didn’t. I wish I did though.

    Love the list!

  2. Yes, if I don’t get out of the house with OEM in the morning then I feel trapped and stir crazy by the time the afternoon comes!

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