living and loving

Life has taken over so the blog takes a backseat.  Between all the places to update the world with tidbits of life: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (sort of), I’m too tired to come here and spell it out again.  But yet, I enjoy writing so I’m not sure why I view this as exhausting…and Facebook and Twitter are not really places you write, at least not more than a few sentences, or in the case of Twitter, 140 characters.

We are busy, folks.  Busy.  I think it’s a good thing when you don’t make time to update all of these social network, digital spaces.  It’s a good thing to share, but live life outside of technology.  Live!

So, this guy?

His last day of daycare is tomorrow.  I was sad about it at first.  Then it felt bittersweet.  Now I am so ready for him.  To move on.  He is beginning a summer program at his preschool in two weeks! This is a program we learned about four years ago when we moved here which we were immediately interested in, but since it’s a preschool, obviously your baby can’t enroll until he is almost three.  And Ian is turning three (!) in August!

And look out! Arthur is walking! He is walking a whole two months ahead of when big brother started to walk.  But I think Ian was a little bit ahead with his baby words than Arthur is…

Every day I say I am going to eat these guys up.  My heart runneth over with love for these two.

When I was pregnant with Arthur, I wasn’t sure how I could love another as much as I do Ian.  Now I know.  The heart knows no limits.

I don’t think I’ve improved with taking pics of both guys at once, but we’ll get there.

And on that note, we’re going to get back to living.


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