If you asked me years ago (not that I’m that old) if I was a morning person, it would have been telling how little you knew me.  Today, Bub tries to say I’m a night owl–but the activities that I stay up late for are quite different than what they were years ago.

I’m now a morning person, and probably not by choice.  But I think I prefer it to being a late night regular, at least for now.

There is so much promise to the day when you wake up.  First, there’s coffee.  Sure, you can have coffee any time you choose, but for me, it’s most enjoyed in the morning.  Then there’s getting ready.  Don’t get me wrong, the process can be painful, especially with two little ones and Bub’s train schedule and two school drop-offs and pick-ups for each child.  But it’s the sense of feeling clean from that hot shower, or refreshed after putting on a new outfit (not new as in store-bought new, but freshly washed clothes).  And then there’s the thought of the whole day stretching out beyond your fingertips for you to conquer.

On the flipside, nighttime brings exhaustion from the day, less motivation because of less energy, and therefore, less will power.  Crankiness sets in slowly (or rapidly, without you realizing it), and then there’s the clean-up of the entire day’s activities to tackle, whether it be from the kiddos or from neglected chores.  At night, my to-do list has usually grown from the morning (or stayed the same) and you attempt to tackle it before bed, staying up later to get it all done.  And here’s hoping you do.

And then you have the next day, the next morning, to do it all again.


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