Ah, my boys. This was taken one year ago during vacation when work was a distant thought and just breathing in the summer was all we had to be concerned about.

I can hardly believe my boys are well, boys. My first baby is going to turn five, FIVE, this summer. He is a little person. No, he is really a man with strong opinions about his wardrobe, what he likes and what he will not do. He is the definition of independence, not just acting proud when he accomplishes something, but is happy to be helpful to little bro.

My youngest is turning THREE this summer. We say goodbye to his baby daycare and hello to big boy preschool. He is quick to catch up to his big bro and loves watching him, playing with him, and receiving praise from him for being his own independent soul.

My heart is full, and will only get bigger, as we add another baby to this itsy bitsy story. Coming this August! :)


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