I can never figure out what color nail polish to choose when I go for a mani. I know, I got problems, eh? I think it’s my truly OCD personality, but I can easily find many hues that are lovely, it’s just that I hem and haw about how they are going to appear on me, side-by-side with the fairest of fair skin tones. I am easily annoyed at myself when I gravitate towards the sheer pinks. I figure, what’s the point? I feel like the dark shades would make me look vampy and call out the aging skin issue. I know, I have more time to worry about that, but hey, it’s how I think.

Yesterday, I settled on a nice color that makes me think spring, hot weather, tulips! It made me think: is this a toe nail polish? But as I usually do when I can’t decide and have the manicurist peering over my shoulder, causing me to panic that I am taking forever…I go for it.

Meet Charged Up Cherry. It’s definitely brighter than what it looks like here.


What kind of polish are you in love with for spring?


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