A family of boys

A family of boys

Rory Nolan arrived after almost 41 weeks in a swift delivery which was nothing short of dramatic. I was elated to have gone into labor on my own rather than being induced like I was with my other guys. Don’t get me wrong, I would have a baby any which way if it meant he would be healthy. But this time I got to experience labor without the help of induction and it was exciting–still painful–but hey, that’s what epidurals are for.

Rory Nolan
Born September 6th, 2013
8.2 pounds
19 inches

He’s a delight. And we are smitten!

And even though I haven’t touched this blog in a while, I had to make sure to announce our excitement and happiness here, even if I’m a little late doing so.

A family of boys.


One thought on “A family of boys

  1. This sweet one is going to turn a year old soon…wow!!! Mom of three boys, how fun and I’m sure very very wild (as is three in general I think). Hope you are well.

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